Data Models

Data Models

As this gateway ultimately passes data through to BNP, the property name and placement reflect those as used in the underlying BNP models. This assists when reading our models in conjunction with the BNP requirement documentation.


Request Header

When using the BNP IPFConnect endpoints directly, it is necessary to pass a header with credentials with each request. The Aventus Gateway does this on your behalf, so only two properties from the header must be provided in an Aventus request:


Request Data

After these properties, the request data is nested within a 'RequestType' model, named after the type of the request (in the sample below, new business).

Valid input values

For valid values, see the BNP documentation.

    "clientCode": "CC",
    "shopCode": "44XX",
    "newBusinessRequestType": {


Responses have all the data from the underlying BNP interface, wrapped in the Aventus response envelope.

Response Envelope