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Welcome to the Aventus Platform documentation site.

In order to use any of the services or functionality documented please contact us by emailing [email protected]

API Overview

The Aventus Platform API offers a full REST interface, exposing the full quote, buy and manage capabilities of our insurance platform.

We use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate and authorise requests to our API. To use the API, your application must send an OAuth 2.0 access token in an Authorization header with each request. Find out more about implementing OAuth 2.0.

Not all endpoints require authentication.

All API request and response bodies are formatted as JSON. All responses should return within a consistent response envelope

To use our API, you will need to register with Aventus to receive your Partner ID and keys.

API Reference

Check out the API Reference for details of all endpoints available on the Aventus Platform API along with example requests.

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API Overview

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