Webhooks allow you to subscribe to Aventus events associated with user actions. To consume a webhook, you will need to set up a URL on a publicly accessible web server.

When certain events are triggered, Aventus will send a POST request to your URL with a JSON body. Aventus expects your webhook URL to return a 2xx HTTP Status code to indicate that the webhook has been received successfully. If a webhook is not successfully received, Aventus will retry sending the webhook an additional 2 times (maximum of 3 attempts).

Policy Purchased

When a policy is purchased the Policy Purchased webhook is triggered with the following payload.

  "customerID": "12345678-0001-0001-0001-000000000001",
  "partnerReference": "Xvodj9XZtP",
  "policyCoverType": "HomeContents",
  "policyLob": "Home",
  "policyPremium": {
    "value": 11200,
    "currencyCode": "GBP"
  "policyReference": "HLHHNSP0001",
  "paymentMethod": "CreditCard"
customerIDstringThe user's Aventus ID
partnerReferencestringAn Aventus Partner’s unique reference for the user.
policyCoverTypestringThe type of cover purchased.
policyLobstringThe policy type
policyPremiumMoneyThe total Gross Premium of the policy

Money is represented in 1/100 of the currency.
e.g. if the currency is Pounds, then this value is in pence
policyReferencestringThe user’s reference number for policy
paymentMethodstringThe payment method used to purchase the policy