Partner Requirements

Please review the requirements below and provide us with documentation where requested. This will allow us to build your product as quickly as possible.

Ratings guide

Rates must be provided for the items detailed in the risk elements sheet. In particular, as this is a bedroom-rated policy we expect the base rate to depend on the property age, the property type, and the number of bedrooms. Please also include lookup tables such as postcode files. Discounts/loadings may be applied for any of the risk factors.

Please review our rating guide.

Underwriting guide

Please provide an underwriting guide that details general underwriting guidelines and referral rules so that we can build these rules into the ratings engine. Please note that any risks requiring a referral will be declined.

Document pack

Please provide the full details to be included in your document pack.

Please see an example Homelyfe home insurance document pack, which includes:

  • Policy Schedule
  • Statement of Fact
  • Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)
  • Policy Wording
  • Initial Disclosure Document (IDD)

Sections of the wording will need to be updated by you to reflect your own procedures for complaints, customer service and privacy protection. Please also provide a document branding template.

Website branding and copy

A branding document will be provided to you to detail the areas of the site that require custom image assets and copy. A website copy template sheet will also be provided to assist when submitting your copy. We also need you to provide brand guidelines, logos and other image assets that you would like us to adhere to.

Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Your Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are used throughout the site and are linked to through the user menu. Please provide a copy of your Cookie Policy, Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions for your site.

For more details please see the example Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, as utilised by Homelyfe, which you can refer to when writing.


Please provide a bordereaux template in CSV or XLS. We will use this to generate automated monthly reports to you. An example bordereaux template is available on request.


A summary of items required is as follows:

  • Ratings guide (including postcode files and data tables)
  • Underwriting guide
  • Document pack
  • Website branding and copy inc. Brand guidelines & image assets/logos (PNG format)
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Bordereaux


If you require any further assistance, or would like to submit your product information, please get in touch by email.