Mid Term Adjustment

This section lists the fields and formats required in the MidTermAdjustment request. MidTermAdjustment enables customers to make a change in an insurance policy before the end of the policy period. This invariably results in a change to the premium; an increase in premium will result in a positive additional premium
whereas a decrease will result in a negative return premium.



The data passed to us is validated and if we find errors with the data then this is returned with an error code and error description, which is presented to the broker to facilitate the change and hopefully resubmit the request.
For additional premiums, we may need to have an underwriter analyse the account further. In such cases, a Referred decision is returned to the broker. Decisions are made within an agreed SLA (discussed between the broker and the BNPP PF). A conversation is sent to the software company to check the result of the underwriter decision and display this to the broker.

Request Example

    "clientCode": "CI2",
    "shopCode": "4576",
        "brokerReference": "3607\/017",
        "mtaReasonDescription":"Bought a new car",

  "clientCode": "Provided by BNPP PF",
  "shopCode": "Provided by BNPP PF",
  "newBusinessRequestType": {
    "application": {
      "brokerReference": "BROKERREF01",
      "accountNumber": null,
      "insuranceType": 1,
      "isRenewal": false,
      "allowSearchAuthorisation": true,
      "isCustomerPresent": true,
      "hasCustomerDeclaration": true
    "policy": {
      "policyInceptionDate": "2020-11-04",
      "policyRenewalDate": "2021-11-04",
      "totalCashPrice": 1320.00,
      "deposit": 132.00,
      "creditProductCode": "TIN1",
      "term": 10,
      "preferredPaymentDay": 15,
      "policyPremiumAmount": 132.00,
      "brokerCreditFeeAmount": 10.0,
      "brokerCreditFeeDescription": "fees",
      "brokerFeeAmount": 120.0,
      "brokerFeeAmountDescription": "discount applicable",
      "addOnAmount": 5.0,
      "addOnAmountDescription": "Heavy Duty",
      "discountAmount": 1.0,
      "discountAmountDescription": "Discount",
      "premiumDescription": "1",
      "policyType": 1,
      "policyNumber": "mh-123456",
      "insuranceCompany": "7",
      "ropRateType": 1,
      "isEdiFlag": false
    "applicant": {
      "customer": {
        "title": "Mr",
        "firstName": "Test01FN",
        "lastName": "Test01LN",
        "dateOfBirth": "1966-10-09",
        "nationality": "GBR",
        "countryOfBirth": "GBR",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "policyholderName": "MW FORREST",
        "address": {
          "houseName": null,
          "houseNumber": "1",
          "streetName": "CROMWELL ROAD",
          "townland": "ELY",
          "postTown": "ELY",
          "county": null,
          "postCode": "CB6 1AS",
          "addressLineOne": null
        "yearsAtAddress": 2,
        "previousAddress": {
          "houseName": null,
          "houseNumber": "1",
          "streetName": "CROMWELL ROAD",
          "townland": "ELY",
          "postTown": "ELY",
          "county": null,
          "postCode": "CB6 1AS",
          "addressLineOne": null
        "telephone": {
          "mobileNumber": "07700900624",
          "phoneNumber": "01632960183"
        "employment": {
          "employmentStatus": "FT",
          "employmentLevelSpecified": false,
          "industrySector": "1",
          "employmentSector": "1"
      "payment": {
        "isJointAccount": false,
        "isApplicantAccount": true,
        "thirdPartyAccountName": null,
        "thirdPartyApplicantAddress": null
      "bank": {
        "bankAccountNumber": "41011166",
        "bankSortCode": "201596",
        "iban": null,
        "bic": null
      "income": {
        "netMonthlyIncome": 27800.00

Response Example

    "data": {
        "midTermAdjustmentResponseType": {
            "decision": 1,
            "responseStatus": 1,
            "decisionText": "Accepted",
            "responseStatusText": "Success"
        "errors": null
    "validationErrors": [],
    "error": -1,
    "error_description": null,
    "successful": true



FieldRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
ClientCodeMandatoryString10This is a unique client identifier. It is supplied by BNPP PF.
ShopCodeMandatoryString10This is a unique shop identifier. It is supplied by BNPP PF.
midTermAdjustmentRequestTypeSee midTermAdjustmentRequestType


NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
BrokerReferenceMandatoryString25This is a unique reference provided by the broker to identify the applicant.
The broker can use this reference to identify and locate the applicant on the BNPP PF system.
AccountNumberMandatoryString15This is the reference BNPP PF has assigned to the applicant as part of the new application process. It is used to locate the account and apply the transaction.
It is mandatory to provide the AccountNumber and BrokerReference for MidTermAdjustments.
FundingDifferenceMandatoryDecimalThis is the adjustment amount, for example £120.47 or £- 140.01.
ApplyPremiumMandatoryBooleanThis confirms whether the premium is to be applied. The options are: True or False.
MtaReasonDescriptionMandatoryString50This is the detailed reason for the mid-term adjustment (MTAReasonDescription).
MtaFeeAmountMandatoryDecimalThis is the fee that has been added to the mid-term adjustment amount (MTAFeeAmount).
IsEdiFlagMandatoryBooleanThis is a flag that indicates whether the policy is EDI or Non EDI
PolicyNumberMandatoryString20This is the insurance policy number.
AffordabilityOptionalAffordabilitySee Structure of Affordability. This will be mandatory for applications over a certain value. This will be agreed with BNPP PF


NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
NetMonthlyIncomeMandatoryDecimalThis is the applicant’s individual net monthly income.
SpousePartnerNetMonthyI ncomeMandatoryDecimalThis is the applicant’s spouse or partner’s individual net monthly income. If it is not applicable enter 0.00
MonthlyMortgageRentRep aymentMandatoryDecimalThis is the applicant’s monthly mortgage or rent payment. If it is not applicable enter 0.00
MaritalStatusMandatoryString35This is the applicant’s marital status. See MaritalStatus in Option Values
ResidentialStatusMandatoryString35This is the applicant’s residential status. See ResidentialStatus in Option Values
NumberOfDependantsMandatoryIntegerThis is the applicant’s number of dependants.


NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
DecisionMandatoryEnumThis is the application decision. See Decision in Option Values
ReponseStatusMandatoryEnumThis is the status of a response. See ReponseStatus in Option Values