Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Aventus Platform as quickly as possible. We have multiple ways to integrate with our platform.

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Multi-tenant Platform

Aventus Platform is a multi-tenanted service. Each tenant has a live instance and an additional test instance intended for testing and development purposes. It is essential that when developing, you use the test instance to ensure that you do not inadvertently purchase real policies.

All instances have a unique subdomain of the domain, for example, Homelyfe's domain is Any API request should call one of these subdomains.

Money values

When interacting directly with our API all monetary values are provided in whole numbers, as Pence (unless otherwise stated). To get the Pound(£) value, divide by 100. Use the same format in any API request.


When interacting directly with our API, most DateTime values are ISO 8601 formatted and the timezone is UTC (unless otherwise stated). Use the same format in any API request. (See Local DateTime for exceptions.)

Local DateTime

Some dates do not require timezone information and are formatted as ISO 8601 but with the timezone component removed. This is commonly used for values that shouldn't be interpreted differently in different timezones, e.g. date of birth, and cover start date.


To use our platform (Widgets & API), please register with the Aventus Platform team. Once you've registered, you will receive your partner ID, keys, and secrets which are required to integrate with our API and widgets.