The BNP Paribas Gateway powered by Aventus, provides REST API access to the BNP Paribas Premium Finance iPFConnect Gateway (IPFConnect). This ensures brokers and insurers are easily able to integrate BNP Paribas Premium Finance into their existing payment and insurance binding flows.

The primary purpose of this gateway is to wrap the existing iPFConnect services and provide additional reporting functionality. The iPFConnect Integration Guide (Integration Guide) details this endpoint:

BNP Paribas Premium Finance - UK iPFConnect Integration Guide – Version 2.13

This guide consists of four sections providing the necessary information to build a full life-cycle integration:

- API Features includes all necessary API details, including security, error handling and the response envelope
- API Reference includes all of the individual requests
- Error Codes includes all of the possible error response codes
- Option Values includes all of the available option values that can be submitted across each of the requests

What’s Next

Depending on your chosen integration method, you will find additional resources from the pages below.