Edit Customer Bank

The fields and formats needed for the EditCustomerBank conversation are listed in this section.
Brokers have a way to modify a customer's bank details with the EditCustomerBank request. The request is verified, and any inaccuracies are returned for correction.


Request example

    "clientCode": "CC",
    "shopCode": "XXXX",
        "BrokerReference": "3607\/009",
        "bank": {
            "bankAccountNumber": "11071111",
            "iban": "GB33BUKB20201555555555",

Response example

    "data": {
        "editCustomerBankResponseType": {
            "responseStatus": 1,
            "responseStatusText": "Success"
        "errors": null
    "validationErrors": [],
    "error": -1,
    "error_description": null,
    "successful": true



NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
BrokerReferenceMandatoryString25This is a unique reference provided by the broker to identify the applicant.
The broker can use this reference to identify and locate the applicant on the BNPP PF system.
AccountNumberMandatoryString15This is the reference BNPP PF has assigned to the applicant as part of the new application process. It is used to locate the account and apply the transaction.
It is mandatory to provide the AccountNumber and BrokerReference for EditCustomerBankRequest.
BankMandatoryBankAccountSee Structure of BankAccount.


NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
BankAccountNumberMandatoryString8This is the applicant’s bank account number.
BankSortCodeMandatoryString6This is the applicant’s bank sort code.
IbanOptionalString34This is the applicant’s international bank account number.
BicOptionalString11This is the applicant’s bank identifier code.


NodeRequiredTypeMax LengthNotes
ResponseStatusMandatoryEnumThis is the status of a response See ResponseStatus in Option Values